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Rotary Film Punching Machine
(RPR 250 - 10")

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for the processing of film 0.0008" (0.2 mm) thick
improved for minimized tolerances in repeat and hole sizes

Base frame
Made out of cast-iron, bolted together, white

Main drive
AC motor: 380 V, 60 Hz, 6 kW, or as requested
Connected through gear box and main drive shaft to the nip rolls and the punching module

Maximum reel diameter: variable, as per customer request
With electro-magnetic brake, with integrated dancer-regulated web tension control and web guide system


Punching module
Exchangeable, quick release, variable
In stable, cast-iron frame work, with high precision bearing assembly

With integrated punching cylinders, consisting of:
- Punch holder with individual exchangeable, hardened and ground rectangular punches
- Die tool, equipped with hardened and ground die plates with integrated rectangular bores

Length slitting
2 pneumatically-activated knife systems for web trimming
Swiveling for easier servicing of the tool, with vacuum nozzles for trim removal

By additional AC-motor
Web tension, manually adjustable and controlled through dancer roller

Register adjustment
Transversal register: manual adjustment .20" (+ 5 mm)
Circumferential running adjustment: automated and integrated into SPS
The accuracy of the hole punched pitch is electronically controlled and adjusted,
over 50 patterns: +/- 0.06" (1.5 mm), per pitch: +/- 0.0012" (0.03 mm)

Web tension
Is created by the nip rolls, automatically controlled and integrated into SPS

Punch pattern accuracy
Checked automatically and integrated into SPS

Working widths:
10" - 16"
(260 - 410mm)
Maximum reel diameter: variable, as per customer request

Production Speed
For the product converted and described above, approximately 100 m/min (330 ft/min), this can vary depending on the accuracy and the various film materials to be converted

Control Panel
Includes all necessary positions and functions

Security covers
All security covers are electrically secured