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Since 1958 Schober has stood by our goal of supplying equipment built to the highest quality engineering standards possible. These standards help our customers profit from increases in lifetime, higher production speeds and machine output, and the best-quality products manufactured.

In 1984, Schober invented the first rotary punching tool to use TC (tungsten carbide) punch and die inserts to reach higher life expectancies than ever before.

The majority of web materials (paper, board, laminates, foils, film, and fiber materials) are rotary punched by our equipment. Schober's many years of experience enables us to maintain our high standards for applications requiring specialized development. In some instances, combination punching and die cutting tools have even been created. We are capable of handling all different shapes and dimensions of hole profiles.

Our consumables are made to last. The combined stock for standard consumable items succeeds well over 2 million US$ and covers more than 1,000 items. Materials, production processes, and the tight tolerances are all carefully selected monitored and maintained to minimize lifetime variations.

Schober equipment can be retrofitted into most web processing machines. If a mechanical drive connection is not possible, a servo drive system can be incorporated. Or, if it cannot be incorporated due to possible processing speed conflicts with other important production needs or requirements, turn- key off-line systems are also available.

We supply the cutting edge in punching technology. The basic module frame design and appropriate bearing applications are important for successful implementation. Since 1961, Schober has been capable of supplying modules that cover speeds of up to 700 m/min (2,300 ft/min) and widths of up to 2,000 mm (80"), while at the same time having a weight capacity of up to 8 tons.

Whatever your punching needs are, Schober has the solution for you.

Schober...the world leader in rotary punching tool and module concepts with over 50 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing. Schober GmbH is ISO 9001 certified since 1994.

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If you, after reviewing our information about our punching capabilities, would like to receive a quotation or additional information, please email us your request with as much detailed information as possible.